DZSTRKRFT is the solo project of Los Angeles-based musician roycifer. His latest release Apocalypse Horizon is a collaboration between himself and (former) Sanctus bandmate, Jason Spawn. Apocalypse Horizon, takes on a sound unlike past DZSTRKRFT works, replacing breakbeats with blast beats and going all-in on Black Metal. The EP, however, remains an expression of music that is true to the DZSTRRKFT sound and vision.

Apocalypse Horizon, is self-released on Darker My Throne, and is out NOW on digital, streaming, and limited cassette!

DZSTRKRFT band photo 2018



Apocalypse Horizon

  1. Universal Blasphemy
  2. The Blackening Sun
  3. Ancient Scientific Rituals
  4. A Blaze in the Aeon Sky
  5. Horns in the Mirror
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Disaster Craft

  1. Disaster Craft
  2. Machines, Tapes, Electronics/Morrison Dub
  3. Craft Work (Contra Break)
  4. Audible
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  1. Collaboration
  2. Babble Bow For My Sweet Girl
  3. Who Will Rescue The Animals When We Are Gone?
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Cut, Paste, Destroy

  1. Cut, Paste, Destroy
  2. The Creative Process/Swartz Dub
  3. Netroid 2
  4. Question Everything
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