DZSTRKRFT is the solo project of Los Angeles-based musician roycifer.

His latest release is an unofficial Metallica remix—a fun reimagning of their classic “Disposable Heroes”, complete with accompanying self-produced video. All sales of the track will be donated to Metallica’s own All Within My Hands Foundation.

His previous release, Apocalypse Horizon is a Black Metal EP, featuring firey vocals from Sanctus bandmate, Jason Spawn. Apocalypse Horizon.

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Apocalypse Horizon

  1. Universal Blasphemy
  2. The Blackening Sun
  3. Ancient Scientific Rituals
  4. A Blaze in the Aeon Sky
  5. Horns in the Mirror
Listen to Apocalypse Horizon

Disaster Craft

  1. Disaster Craft
  2. Machines, Tapes, Electronics/Morrison Dub
  3. Craft Work (Contra Break)
  4. Audible
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  1. Collaboration
  2. Babble Bow For My Sweet Girl
  3. Who Will Rescue The Animals When We Are Gone?
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Cut, Paste, Destroy

  1. Cut, Paste, Destroy
  2. The Creative Process/Swartz Dub
  3. Netroid 2
  4. Question Everything
Listen to Cut, Paste, Destroy